Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Game...the pictures say it all.

Happy Birthday Mom...

Mom's bday party...love you mom!

La...La...Las Vegas!!!

Man it is about time we get back to blogging...we come back from Italy and just fall of the face of the earth....so we are back!! Just thought we would give you a quick update on what we have been up to.

A couple weeks ago we spent the weekend in Las Vegas with a few good friends. Thanks to the McGee's we stayed in some very nice accommodations...this was due to their support of (Albertson) College of Idaho. You guys were extremely gracious to extend the invite! Kris and I flew in on Thursday with Hanna and her sister Abby. Jadd and Tracy rolled into town the same day...well actually very early in the morning the following day...brave souls drove! We did our best to stay up and wait for them but our old bones were dragging!!!
Friday morning (ok well like around noon) the girls hit the shops. By late afternoon we were exhausted BUT thanks to Abby we decided to roll on down and catch the "Thunder From Down Under". For those unfamiliar with the TFDU...they are male strippers. Yep, first time ever seeing male strippers...I don't really have the words to describe the experience. Other than to say male strippers know they have nice bodies and therefore really don't care about actually performing (in a theatrical sense - of course). But the one thing that saved the evening was Abby...lets just say she put on the performance of a lifetime...surprised all of us...and I think maybe herself...

The rest of the weekend was full of good food, a little gambling (John was on fire Saturday night), and just all around good times with great friends! Tracy and I were able to squeeze in the Body exhibit...I highly recommend it and can't wait to go again.
As Sunday rolled around we had to say our farewell's to Abby, Jadd and Tracy. The McGee's stuck around for one more night. Hanna and I caught Zumanity...very good...and met up with they guys after for an awesome dinner at the Delmonico (one of Emeril's find dining establishments).. So it was a wonderful end to a great weekend.

Here are a few pic's from the trip:
Kris and I at the Paris

The always lovely Ness sisters...Jadd's awesome injury - Thursday morning Jadd fell off a ladder and sliced his arm open...hopped in the car later that afternoon and came to Vegas. Dedicated. Tracy was very sweet and helped him change the bandaid everyday...paid off....looks great now.

The boys and all their shopping bags...they look thrilled.

Abby, Hanna, Tracy....and uhm, who let John take his shirt of again???? Seriously.

Abby and Hanna with Abby's new boyfriend on the bigscreen in the background.

John doin' his thing at the (ACI) C of I game.