Monday, December 31, 2007

December Update...

Here are a few events that made up our December....

Morgan's piano recital...he is becoming quite the accomplished pianist and we are very proud of his commitment. This year’s recital was held at a retirement home where many of the residents joined the audience to enjoy the holiday music. Some even sang along.
Morgan and I enjoying the recital after-party!

This fall my women's volleyball team won first place in our league tournament. We celebrated at Harry's where our team name originated! The Big Fat Tire's look forward to dominating this Spring as well!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Jamesy turnes One!!!

James Duke's 1st birthday!
I hope Kelly and Jennifer don't mind but the next 5 pictures are comical. I think that any one of these would make for the perfect Christmas card photo. 2 boys, a dog, the holidays and chaos!!
As you can tell James wasn't diggin his birthday hat at which time Bluebell walked by and put the candle out with her tail.....
I'm not quite sure how many drinks Jennifer and Kelly have had at this point?
We almost got this one but I got part of Anna's head in the shot and I think Wyatt was done taking pictures.
This one speaks for itself.....

James did like his birthday hat...just not when it was actually on his head.

Big brother!

A man after Uncle Jadd's own heart. I believe I have a picture of Uncle Jadd with the same chocolate induced coma look (if there really is such a thing) in his eyes...I believe it was in front of the chocolate fountain at Aunt Kate's wedding.
The birthday boys....
Since I couldn't get everyone to look at the camera at the same time here is a shot with Anna...
Here is the same shot with Nanna looking at the camera...
Gee are you guys related?
Say cheese!!!
This is James coming down off of the sugar high and showing off his vocal talent.

Happy Birthday!!!

Here is the birthday boy!! And his cake does not have a pink flower on it. That was my attempt to make a red poinsettia...buttercream frosting doesn't do red well.
A few friends joined us for dinner at the Barbacoa.

Kelly & Jennifer

Tracy & Jadd

Something about the El Grande was spoke of here (more about that once I have copies of Jennifer's photo's).

Jennifer reliving her allergic reaction to parsley!

The 3 steps to milk tasting: Look, Smell, Taste. Kelly is our very own, in-house, milk connoisseur. This particular glass was a very nice vintage.

Jennifer's reaction to my dessert! It WAS good.

The gang full of good food!
After dinner Jadd & Tracy "shared" their gift to Kris...a very nice bottle of wine.
There is a very good story behind this one that Jadd is still feeling a little guilty about.
On Sunday we kept celebrating...joining the fam at the Ram...I am such a poet. Gramp sat next to Kris to keep him in line!

The best part of the meal!!! The mile-high mud pie!

Gramp, Kris, Granny, Mom, Dad and Grandma Melva joined us in celebrating!