Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Birthday on a Budget!

This year for Kris's birthday we celebrated on a budget. The reason this is unique and kind of funny is that this is not how we typically celebrate his birthday. Kris is someone that appreciates fine dining...well, I should clarify, he appreciates really good food. I’m the one that loves the fine dining that sometimes accompanies the really good food! In past years we’ve celebrated by visiting one of Boise’s fine dining establishments – The Milky Way (now closed…very sad really), BerryHill, CafĂ© Vicino, Chandler’s, etc.

Well, since the economy took a turn for the worse right around Kris's birthday we thought we would be responsible and celebrate on a budget. So, we decided the best place to celebrate on a budget is one of Boise’s less fine dining establishments, The Pie Hole. Now, let me clarify, The Pie Hole is good food. It’s a pizza place tucked into a small venue…probably not even 500 sq ft. It’s decorated in a very eclectic manner; a punk/skater/heavy metal meets retro, if you will. Either way, it is a great place to get a very tasty slice of pizza when you are on a budget…they even offer $1 PBR during happy hour!

We had a good time laughing about the whole situation. And it was good. We’ve decided we need to celebrate at the Pie Hole more often…it’s a good way to save $200+ on a celebration dinner.

After a couple slices we headed on over to Cool Hand Luke’s to meet up with Heather. She treated us to some of the best beer in town!

Happy Birthday Kris!