Friday, January 23, 2009

And here is to a bit of catch up...

We are grateful to have celebrated the New Year surrounded by friends. BerryHill as always was wonderful...and of course we couldn’t pass up an evening playing a little guitar hero.

The following weekend we headed up to the cabin with Mom, Dad, John, Hanna, and Madalyn. Saturday we headed up to Brundage to snowboard and it was the first time out for all of us.

It was a beautiful day that started off with sunshine and ended with heaving snowing. But by the time the lifts stopped running we were in the lodge enjoying a beer and French fries.

Madalyn got the chance to hang out with Grandma Gene and Papa Bear. I think they all enjoyed one another quite a bit. I think Maddie might be up for some more cabin/GG & PB time in the future.

We hope to get up there this summer and get a few rounds of golf in with family and friends.
Bob, Marty and Ray…I hope you enjoy these snow pictures…since you had the chance to see Idaho and the cabin this fall…

This last weekend we got the chance to hit Bogus…which was nice since we are experiencing one of our infamous inversions. Thankfully you can count on Bogus always being above the inversion layer. By 11:30 am it was 47 degrees at Pioneer Lodge…we were sweating like crazy…it was like skiing in March! But I can’t complain because it was wonderful to see the sun! It was also amazing to see how fast the temperature dropped as we came down the mountain and through the clouds…it was a good 15 degrees colder at home! Only 16 miles away!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Here's to a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a little catch up...

First off Merry Christmas to all! Christmas in Boise this year was white (as it should always be) and joyous. Kris and I ventured over to Nampa for a little Christmas celebration with the family. We kicked things off Christmas eve at Grandpa Ford’s house. We took in some fine looking decorations and sat and had a very nice visit with Grandpa. John and Tiffany joined us and we got in some of our families traditional “stand-in-front-of-the-Christmas-tree” photos.

Next, we maneuvered our way over to mom and dad’s on slick and snowy roads. Grandma, Uncle Greg and Tiffany’s parents, Ted and KanDee, joined us. Ted and KanDee drove all the way up from “snowy” Las Vegas to take in some Ford Family Fun.

This year we decided to add an additional element of fun and conduct an ornament exchange. This was exciting. There were some tremendously good ornaments brought to the table which resulted in a few steals and a few trades. I think everyone ended up with something good…especially Uncle Greg and is pretty little tea cup ornament. All I know is I hope we get to do this again next year and someone can find some more of the Fisherman Santa Clauses…they were a hit! (Uhm not to mention the balls I loved that Kris made me trade so he could get what he wanted).

As the evening came to a close and we headed out to get in the car we found it snowing like crazy. We buckled in and with seat warmers on we were off on our slow treck home...30 mph all the way. But we made it! Heather met up with us at our house and after opening a few gifts we found Santa had brought Kris the band version or Guitar Hero (I know there is a proper term for the game but I can't remember). Anyway we busted out the new guitar, the drums and the mic (the best part of all) and proceeded to reign in the early hours of Christmas day to rock music.
Did I mention we got a White Christmas this great!
Christmas day was nice and relaxing. By afternoon we were back in the car, heading over to Granny and Gramp's. The commute wasn't nearly as slow as the night before and we enjoyed and nice Christmas visit with the both of them...complete with (some) of
our traditional Christmas goodies!
And for those
of you who were suppose to be with us this year we missed you very much but know we will see you in the very near future.
We give thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ and we are thankful to celebrate His birth, His presence, His grace and our salvation in Him.