Monday, September 22, 2008

Wine Country

Here is the link to our pictures from our trip to San Francisco and wine country. You still have to use the e-mail and password I sent out to view these pictures. We're working on that little glitch. Also, Kris will write more about this later...since he rocks at it!

Here we are at Pier 39...Golden Gate is in the background.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Summer Update

My how this summer has flown by. So fast we haven't kept up with our blog at here’s to catching up!

The summer started out with Kris catching his big salmon on the Clearwater which was blogged about previously. The big event for me in June was running the Sawtooth relay with 5 other friends. The Sawtooth relay is the 60 miles between Stanley, Id and Ketchum, Id. Each person on the team runs roughly 10 miles...5 miles the first leg and 5 miles the second. I however have an awesome team of experienced runners and since I am a beginner they were nice enough to only make me run a little over 7 miles. I'm grateful that Jadd and Tracy talked me into it. I was very apprehensive about running but I'm still enjoying and currently training for a 1/2 marathon that takes place in October. Pics can be found at:

Our big trip for the summer was a visit to Bob and Linda in Globe, AZ and then a hop-skip-and-jump over to New Mexico to visit Kris' dad, Bob, and the Provencio family. Globe was great and it was fun to see Bob and Linda's new house. Not to mention Linda's new school and all the amazing things she is doing. Linda has been in Arizona since February where she is the dean of a college prep school...Bob joined her in May and they have been taking Globe by storm ever since.

We were in New Mexico for the 4th...and let me tell you, the Provencio's know how to celebrate Independence Day! Our visits down south are always full of fun, food and festivities...and seriously they are! But this visit was special for was the first time I've been with the Provencio's for the was great. I loved the fireworks (but I'm not going to tell you what "kind" they were). I can't wait for the next 4th of July we get to spend there...I'm so addicted to the fireworks I'm trying to talk Kris into getting me some for New Year's. Of course we didn't leave until our bellies were full of Chico's Tacos and a little fondue, we sported some bowling, celebrated my birthday with an awesome birthday dinner at an Italian restaurant (a new find by Aunt Marty and a new favorite of mine), and 2 pairs of cowboy boots. Pics can be found at:

The next big event of the summer was Jennifer's mile-stone birthday. We hosted a surprise birthday party for her and did our best to turn out backyard into a little something you would see in Austin, TX, complete with bbq, Shiner bock beer and of course live music! I can't tell you who the musician is yet...I have to get the ok from his attorney (let me know when I can disclose this information Kelly) but here are a few pics from the evening. I wish I was better with words and could describe the evening a little better but it was just great…and not to sound corny or anything but it was pretty magical...everything you would want in a summer bbq to honor a great friend on her special birthday! Pics can be found at:

Next came the birth of Kellen, Joy and Jake’s little guy…he is quite the addition and I can’t wait to meet him! It’s killing me!

On Aug 22nd I headed up to the cabin with Morgan, G.G. and Papa Bear. It was fun to hang out with my little guy (not so little anymore). We did a little golfing on Saturday and Morgan shocked us with is golf skills. At 11 he golf’s really well! I hope we can help encourage him to continue to work on his game. Pics can be found at:

Over Labor Day weekend we headed to San Francisco and the Californian wine country. We’ll blog about that in more detail later. BUT we had a nice little surprise on Saturday the 30th when Madalyn entered our lives earlier than expected! John and Hanna welcomed little Maddie into the world…all 6 lbs and 21 inches! Another addition to the extended family I’m dying to meet face-to-face!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Update soon!

Leah and I just got back from California on a trip for our 10th anniversary, and we had a great time! I won't include the details in this post, as I need to take off shortly, but I wanted to let you know that a full report will be coming soon (although I have to admit that this is more for us so that we are committed to making a post than it is for anyone else). Either way, we hope to blog about our trip soon.